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Dandeshwar Temple

Dandeshwar Temple at Jageshwar- The Lord's Symphony
Written By : Sunayana Tara

A song in stone. A magical melody in the form of each structure. Built over a gurgling stream with the green deodars as backdrop the temple complex plays its part in bringing alive the spiritual history of the place. The lore of the temple handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation abounds with the potency and power of the spiritual.

The temple has to be seen to feel the pulse, the energy of the place. Crossing the small wooden bridge, you walk down the steps to a huge complex dotted with the main temple and attendant shrines... Entering the dimly lit main temple with rocky walls and stone cold floor, the starkly beautiful sanctum sanctorum, one is transfixed by the rhythmic pounding of sheer energy. Captivated by the animated and vibrant peace. A paradoxical symmetry of calm and force.

The elusive, the invisible seem to intermingle with the silence. The ambience is rich with the realization of the terrifying power of the God blending with the mellow strength of his other avatars. The presence of the Lord's might is felt in every nook and cranny, every stone crevice, every figurine molded onto the stones. It is artwork at its best.

Believed to be from the 9th to the 10th century AD, the temples in the complex are constructed in the phamsana sikhar style. The Dandeshwar temple is the oldest of the temples in Jageshwar. Though it is the lesser known of the temples of the Dham its contemporaneity is measured to pre-feudalistic times. The evidence to support this belief is the wrought silver image of on unknown donor holding a lamp in his hands. There is no indication to suggest the donation by any king to Dandeshwar in recorded history.

It is believed the image is that of Raja Paun. Paun being a dialectical distortion of the word Pandava. Much more significant is the cult image of the temple which is living rock. An unlikely symbol of worship under the orthodox Brahmanical context.

Van Serai is located just a kilometer away from the temple. A beautiful lodge amidst the deodar forests it allows you to experience spiritual magic being so near to the Dandeshwar temples. Its location lets you feel the throb of the mystical in the stunning landscapes of Jageshwar.

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