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Devi Arrives at Van Serai

Driving down to Van Serai, the beautiful Linga Bhairavi panel travelled with us. Upon arrival in the evening, we unpacked and placed Devi in the designated Yoga room. We were unsure of the placement so we said ?Devi will indicate the ideal spot for herself?. We filled a large brass lamp with ghee and put in a long wick. After lighting the lamp, we sang the Devi stuthi. The lamp light filled up the room and so it remained the entire night. The next day, we figured out the wall facing the door to be the ideal spot for the Devi panel.

So, as soon as one opens the door and enters the Yoga room, Devi is there. Her presence fills up the room and permeates the surroundings.

In the evening, Blaine, Mohit?s friend, arrived for a chat and dinner. An American, a widely travelled person, a meditator and a conservationist, Blaine has now made Jageshwar his home for the past few years. We took him to meet Devi. Entering the room, he acknowledged Devi with a namaskaram and said ?Wow? ? Devi had made her presence felt through his spine, the seat of all experience!

I am sure all Van Serai visitors will experience Devi and receive her grace in her ?wild and wonderful ways?.

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