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Hotels in Almora & Binsar

Looking for an Ideal hotel in Almora or a hotel in Binsar? Book your hotel in Kumaon online with us with no extra reservation costs. We bring you excellent deals for single travelers to Almora and Binsar and great packages for families visiting towns near Almora and Binsar. We will also customize your Holiday in Kumaon as per your interests.

Activities – Trekking, Birdwatching, Fishing, Temple Visit, Yoga & Meditation
Listed below are some beautiful resorts, and homestays in Binsar and Almora.

The best places to stay near Almora and Binsar is the Van Serai hotel. Not only does it offer great stay options to travelers on a pilgrimage tour or a Himalayan Safari or just a quiet time away from the city. Other places to tour in Kumaon near Almora and Jageshwar are Pithoragarh which is about 110 km away and Abbott Mount in Lohaghat just 90 km from here. Abbott Mount falls in our Kumaon Himalayan tour and is a great stop over for anglers who wish to go to Pancheshwar for Mahseer fishing

Binsar Eco Resort
Grand oak manor
The Kumaon
Kasar Jungle Resort
Mir Bahay
The Himalayan Woods
Mohan’s Binsar Retreat

Hotels in Almora

AyurVAID Kalmatia
Imperial Heights Binsar
Kasar Rainbow Yoga Retreat
Hotel Shikhar
Hotel Aeradyo Inn
Deodar Homestay
KMVN Tourist Guest House – Jageshwar

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