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Jageshwar Update

Not every day you get a chance to lay your eyes at such a remarkable phenomenon. But in the small village of Uttarakhand, it seems to be a usual affair. People travel all across the globe just to behold the beauty of stars and celestial movements and when such destination is resting in your neighborhood then it gives all the more reasons to explore the place

16  Oct 2018

Imagination is the source our vision of the world, our vision of our future, and most importantly our vision of ourselves, who we are and where we want to be. Tuning with Prakriti (nature) and letting your imagination flow would be the key objective of Shiva walks. It is a way to develop creativity, alertness and awareness of the higher stages and possibilities of human life.

For those people who have always known they have something more to learn, more to give and more to know in their life, Shiva walks will open up their inner dimensions and show them the way.

10  Oct 2018


Kumaoni Choliya dance is one of the oldest traditions of the North East India. Visit Van Serai in Jageshwar and become a part of this incredible tradition.

03 Oct 2018

The ancient village of Jageshwar was an erstwhile halting place for pilgrims who headed towards the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

26 Sep 2018


The ancient village of Jageshwar was an erstwhile halting place for pilgrims who headed towards the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

26 Sep 2018


Monsoon is one of the best times to visit Jageshwar as you get to enjoy the fresh greenery and the scenic views, not to mention the intoxicating smell of wet soil. Visit Jageshwar and form a memory you’ll cherish forever.

12 Sep 2018


Being an ancient town of India, the people of Jageshwar has successfully managed to preserve 2500-year-old Shiva temple

29 Aug 2018


Shiva, the creator, preserver and destroyer, is nothing but a universal reality. Some of us look for him in temples, in statues, in lingam, some in nature, and then some just feel him within!

Feel that infinite dance of life within you. All of nature is present within us. So is Shiva.

Purvadhanashree, soaking and flowing in the energy of Shiva at Dandeshwar.

25 July 2018


According to Folklores Dandheshwar is the place where Lord Shiva got cursed by the Saptrishis (seven sages)

19 July 2018


Look how gloriously this deodar tree is standing right in the center of Jageshwar forest

20 Jun 2018


Devi Arrives at Van Serai

Driving down to Van Serai, the beautiful LingaBhairavi panel travelled with us. Upon arrival in the evening, we unpacked and placed Devi in the designated Yoga room. We were unsure of the placement so we said ?Devi will indicate the ideal spot for herself?. We filled a large brass lamp with ghee and put in a long wick. After lighting the lamp, we sang the Devi stuthi. The lamp light filled up the room and so it remained the entire night. The next day, we figured out the wall facing the door to be the ideal spot for the Devi panel.

So, as soon as one opens the door and enters the Yoga room, Devi is there. Her presence fills up the room and permeates the surroundings.

In the evening, Blaine, Mohit?s friend, arrived for a chat and dinner. An American, a widely travelled person, a meditator and a conservationist, Blaine has now made Jageshwar his home for the past few years. We took him to meet Devi. Entering the room, he acknowledged Devi with a namaskaram and said ?Wow? ? Devi had made her presence felt through his spine, the seat of all experience!

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