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Van Serai - Forest lodge

Driving into Jageshwar is in itself an experience. Driving from Kathgodam or Almora, the entire Kumaoni hillside is spotted with houses. As you drive along, at the turn off at Artola, the road is slowly engulfed by the Deodar trees and before you know it, the mist combined with the thick forest give the feeling of entering a whole new world.

Just at the entrance of the sleepy town of Jageshwar, jutting out inconspicuously from a hilltop is the enchanting lodge of Van Serai. While close enough to be able to easily walk to the temple cluster of Jageshwar, Van Serai is far enough to be able to enjoy the tranquility of Jageshwar. Adding to the charm of the pristine setting, is the rivulet Surabhi, winding its way towards the temples to pay homage to the Great Lord Shiva.

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